image1 Introductory Video (2:30)

So how does this work? Do you really mean "instantly"? How do I use this thing? These questions and more will be answered in this short video introduction to the world's first instant CMS.

image2 Your Site. Editable. Instantly.

TypeRoom makes an editable copy of your site within seconds, provides an easy to use, WYSIWYG editor and allows even the most non-technical users to edit their own websites instantly. What types of sites are supported?

image3 Safe To Try. Undo Anything.

Go ahead and edit something on your site. TypeRoom keeps backups of every file you edit so you can undo your changes right away.  Use TypeRoom with no commitment. Your site's structure remains identical after editing.

image4 Pricing starts at FREE!

Get 5 free publishes every month for FREE. This is ideal for light publishing needs. Upgrade your account to a premium account for unlimited publishes to an unlimited number of websites for only $79 per year!

Signups Are Closed

TypeRoom is no longer accepting new sites. Internet Simplicity, the creators of TypeRoom, are still building stellar websites through Drupal and WordPress. Talk to us about your new project today!

Contact Internet Simplicity

TypeRoom Professional — Simple For You. Simple For Your Customers.

TypeRoom Professional is a combined CMS and hosting solution built specifically for professional website designers and their customers. Ease of use has been our top priority, both from the designer end and the customer end. By focusing on each role independently, we have been able to take special measures to ensure a positive experience for each role.


For Designers

We leverage the power of HTML and CSS standards to allow you to build and design for a CMS without having to know anything more than you already do. Even if you don’t know HTML and CSS, we can help you with that, too!


For Content Managers

A website should be able to be updated quickly and easily. With TypeRoom Professional’s simple admin interface, content chanages can be made in a matter of minutes.


Customization Supported!

Unlike many hosted CMSs, you have the ability to develop custom functionality for TypeRoom in the “unusual” event that a customer has a unique feature request. We understand that every CMS implementation is different, so we made TypeRoom Professional extremely flexible.


Hosting From The Best

Each TypeRoom Professional Account comes preconfigured on a Rackspace Cloud hosting environment. Each website exists on multiple servers simultaneoulsy for maximum uptime and speed, all provided by the best hosting company in the world.

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