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Frequently Asked Questions

I invited a user but they did not get an invitation email.

This is likely because the email was caught in their spam filter. To get around this, either have them check their spam folder, or copy and paste the invite link and directly email it to them. The invitation link is shown by their name in the user list.

How do I resend the invitation email?

Just remove them from the "users" list and add them again. A new welcome email will be generated and re-sent.

Why can't I see the "Limit Editing Access" check box?

This checkbox only appears if your account plan has user permissions enabled. Not all account plans have this feature turned on. To upgrade your account to a plan that supports permissions, log into your site and click "my account", then "account/billing".

Can I edit and delete users?

Yes. Next to the user-listing on the left is an "edit" link and a "remove" link.

Question still not answered?

Please send us an email at support@typeroom.com

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