Typeroom Lite

A lite-weight, instant CMS for simple websites.

(Ex: www.mydomain.com)

The Power To Edit Websites. Instantly.
With an "install" time of about 20 seconds, and pricing starting at free there is no longer an excuse not to empower a non technical user to edit their own website. Just type in your URL and go.

An Essential Item for Every Web Designer's Tool Kit.
Like any professional craftsman, there is always a right tool for the task at hand. TypeRoom Lite solves a problem that has plagued busy web designers and busy clients alike: A CMS for the simplest websites. While a powerful CMS might be right for a serious website, why not empower all of your clients to edit their own content? Why waste your valuable time modifying commas, periods and fixing typo's when clients could easily do it themselves? Welcome to TypeRoom Lite. Your clients will thank you.

TypeRoom Lite Introductory Screencast

Ready or Not. CMS.
TypeRoom Lite works on nearly any HTML website that is currently online. Even that old stale website you have been meaning to update for the past 3 years. Throw your excuses away and start editing your content.

The easiest-to-use CMS ever built
Point-and-click editing on your own website. Drag-and-drop images and content into place. No technical skill needed.

Pricing starts at FREE
Why not edit your own website content or empower your customers to make their own changes? Did we mention it's free?

Your Site. Editable. Instantly.
Start making changes to a website in a matter of seconds. No technical installation required, no complex configurations. Just start editing.

Works with include files
Just add a couple of comments to your include files and TypeRoom Lite will leave the server-side code up to you.

Automatic Back-ups
TypeRoom Lite backs up every file you edit. Rest assured knowing that your previous file are always accessible through FTP.

Editable Region Support
Need to restrict editing to a specific area within your pages? Add just a few HTML comments and it's all set up.

Dreamweaver Template Support
Was your site programmed on Dreamweaver Templates? Guess what. It already works with TypeRoom Lite.

Cleanly Formatted HTML
Not only can the TypeRoom Editor interpret your already existing code, it generates well structured and clean HTML.

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